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The Star, Thursday August 11, 2011

MEMBERS of the public using automatic toilets located at tourist spots around Kuala Lumpur will have to pay or they may get stuck in the cubicle, reported Nanyang Siang Pau. According to the daily, they have to pay 20 sen for 15 minutes in the toilet but some people tried to sneak into the cubicle if the previous occupant had left before his time was up. However, the door could not be opened after their turn in the toilet, sounding the alarm.

The daily reported that if the person in charge of the toilets was not around, they might have to end up waiting for a mechanic from City Hall to free them from the cubicle. However, many people had complained that the toilets were not well-maintained, claiming that the automatic door motor was damaged and that it did not have fixed operating hours.


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